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Did you know... Nikolskoe Cemetery

  • ... that among those buried in the Nikolskoe Cemetery(pictured) is Fyodor Uglov, who was the world's oldest practising surgeon when he retired at age 102?
  • ... that James Bruce Lockhart's career in the Foreign Office was a cover for his real work with the Secret Intelligence Service?
  • ... that one theory holds that aquatic cold-water species entered Sweden's Lake Sommen by a natural lock system at the end of the last ice age?
  • ... that Australian rules footballer Tyla Hanks set a record in the agility component at the 2018 AFL Women's draft combine?
  • ... that the pea crab Tunicotheres moseri lives inside the water-filled chamber of a sea squirt?
  • ... that military geologists were employed to find the best landing sites during the planning of the invasions of the United Kingdom, Sicily, and France in World War II?
  • ... that although the Transylvanian nobleman János Gerendi refrained from eating blood and animals that had been strangled, he did not keep all the Old Testament laws?
  • ... that the roof of the Temple of Hera in Corfu was decorated with large terracotta figures painted in vivid colour, making it one of the most intricately adorned buildings of Archaic Greece?