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2019 Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay blackout

On 16 June 2019, a large-scale power outage struck most of Argentina, all of Uruguay, and parts of Paraguay, leaving an estimated total of 48 million people without electrical supply.


At 7:07 a.m. (UTC-3) on 16 June 2019, Argentina's power grid "collapsed", according to Gustavo Lopetegui, the country's Energy Secretary. The failure occurred in the Argentine Interconnection System. In total, an estimated 48 million people lost power. The blackout affected all of Argentina (except Tierra del Fuego in the country's far south) and Uruguay, along with parts of Paraguay.Although some media reported blackouts in parts of Chile and parts of southern Brazil, this claim was denied by the Chilean and Brazilian national authorities. Argentina's President Mauricio Macricalled it “unprecedented”.

Argentine distributor of electricity Edesur announced on Twitter at 7:50 a.m. that all of Argentina and Uruguay had lost power as a result of the incident.It caused disruptions in subways and trains, but did not affect air travel. According to Edesur, power had already been restored to some parts of Buenos Aires by 10 a.m.; Edesur reported that it might take many hours to restore power to all affected customers. By 1:30 p.m. power had been restored across 75% of Uruguay. By mid-afternoon 50,000 people had power restored in Argentina; north of Río Negro, coastal cities and the metropolitan areas of Uruguay also had power restored, as confirmed via Twitter by Uruguay's government-owned power company UTE. By the evening, it was announced that power had been restored to 98% of Argentina.
By 17 June, it was confirmed that power had been restored to most of Argentina and Uruguay. Argentine President Macri promised a full investigation. Citing official sources, Argentine media reported that the outage was linked to a failure in the transmission of electricity from the Yacyretá hydroelectric dam.