What is Australias best-loved bird? Guardian readers respond

Cockatoos emerge unsurprising favourites from our avian callout but some less likely contenders get the thumbs-up too
After New Zealand voted the kea its favourite bird, we asked Guardian readers which Australian bird they love most– and least. With more than 800 species to choose from, we tapped into a wide range of opinion on the subject.
One thing is obvious from the comment thread: there’s a lot of avian love out there, and some found it hard to choose a No 1. As our own First Dog on the Moon pointed out, “there are no bad birds”.
janusflytrap asked “why are you inciting birdism when they’re all amazing” and there was even this, from breitling1884:
Photograph: Alamy
 One bird-loving reader dreams of ‘an alternate reality Australia where the Galah is our national symbol and our flag is simply pink and grey’. Photograph: Alamy