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This is a peculiarly British thing

The pick of this week's best flora and fauna shots from around the world
A lost leopard, a wounded rhino and a sunbathing iguana are among this week’s pick of images from the natural.
As the buzz of activity continues, my mind returns to the unusual stillness of those vacant sets we visited in the morning: the places that post-production whizzbangery will transform into a fully-realised Asgard and Sakaar. Will they still be recognisable on the screen? My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of screams coming from somewhere above. At least this much is certain: the rollercoaster won’t make final cut.
It takes guts to write a menu full of original dishes nobody has ever heard of before. But just how much more courage does it take to write a menu full of the blindingly familiar; of dishes most people have tried and have opinions on? This is a peculiarly British thing. In Lyon or Milan, Barcelona or Munich, new restaurants offering endless iterations of the old open all the time. It’s what happens when you have a robust culinary culture: there is a menu, and you are expected to treat it with the respect accorded to the scriptures by the devout. The eater’s game is to find the place that does the best pot au feu or the best