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Photograph: Glenn Campbell

A colony of little red flying foxes in the Nitmiluk national park, at the mouth of Katherine Gorge in the Northern Territory, Australia. An estimated 40,000 to 50,000 little red flying foxes are calling the park home, as they follow blossoming eucalypts around the country.
Still, all the accompaniments are in order. There is creamy mash, or you can have it spun through with big spoonfuls of grain mustard. There is the offer of mushy peas, here boosted with a little chilli, but still the comforting, starchy green mess it should be. A shout out, too, for a fine onion gravy and for their old-school pie liquor, a classic parsley sauce by any other name. Order the lot – pie, mushy peas, mash and sauce – and you’ll get change from a tenner. Spend it on a pint of builder’s tea. Usually they have a cherry pie for dessert, but supplies had not arrived the day I was there. Which is a shame, but I managed the disappointment. Piecaramaba! has just celebrated its first birthday and is about to open a second branch in nearby Southampton. To which I can only say: lucky Southampton.

Calum Franklin, executive head chef of the Holborn Dining Rooms at London’s Rosewood Hotel, has mounted a one-man campaign to big up the glazed pie. He has been rotating a series of pies on the menu, including mutton curry and a hand-raised pork pie. Rumour has it that the Rosewood will soon start selling them to take away.

Photograph: Glenn Campbell/AAP.