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One of the biggest climactic set pieces

This year we have had a big problem with jackdaws spoiling our apples: they have taken a peck from so much of our fruit that it has ruined a good crop of russets. We never used to have jackdaws round here, but they moved in a few years ago and are now a serious pest – they rival the magpies. Does anyone know why jackdaws arrived here, or if there’s anything we can do to prevent them ruining our apples in the future?
Jill Bennett, St Albans, Herts
Waititi tears himself away from his production team to elaborate. “One of the things this movie will do is incorporate the natural beauty of Queensland,” he tells us. Someone rushes up to him clutching a folder containing a selection of images. After some contemplation, Waititi points: “That one.” Then to us: “See? This directing thing is easy.”
In between takes, Hemsworth stands around and performs bicep curls with weights larger than Thor’s hammer. Hiddleston, who plays arch-nemesis Loki, is in high spirits, bobbing up and down on the spot, his long black hair blown by an industrial size fan. Extras walk around in poncho-like robes, a few nursing baby dolls.