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I looked at friendly bistros

A young polar bear prepares to feast on the remains of a bowhead whale, harvested legally by whalers during theirannual subsistence hunt, just outside the Inupiat village of Kaktovik, Alaska. As climate change shrinks their natural habitat, polar bears are turning Kaktovik into a sanctuary.
If you have just muttered under your breath, “Well me, for a start,” go find something else to read. Try the instruction manual for your washing machine; that should be joyless enough. Certainly I have nothing for you. 
Winchester, which is a self-consciously jolly arch name for a bloody good pie shop. Knowing I had a lunch to spare in the city I did look at other places. I looked at friendly bistros, tableclothed pub restaurants and hotels which made too much of their listings in unreliable guide books. I tried very hard to think of myself as a grown-up and serious restaurant critic. The problem was I had already come across Piecaramba! Try as I might I couldn’t stop muttering the word “pie” under my breath, like some lusty adolescent with the scent of hormones in his nostrils, even as I surfed the websites of those more manicured offerings.
Photograph: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA.