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A Modern Meets Neo Classical Apartment in Milan

The interior architect Vincenzo De Cotiis’s dining room is dominated by his own sculptural works: a hanging light, an 11-foot-long dining table and low stools, made of seamlessly fused recycled fiberglass and silver-plated brass. Hanging on the wall is a set of theater props from the ’80s.

Photograph by Simon Watson. Produced  by Tom Delavan
SEPTEMBER 20, 2017

THE QUEST FOR PERFECTION lends itself to parody: the film director demanding the 40th take; the novelist toiling over a masterpiece for a decade in a darkened room; the artist slashing the canvas in despair over an errant brush stroke.
But every so often a lucky few manage to escape caricature and that particular brand of madness in their pursuit of genius. Without drama or self-pity, they harness those meticulous impulses to shape a bold and shining thing. And when they look at what they have achieved, they do what the Milan-based interior architect and furniture maker Vincenzo De Cotiis might do: smile slightly, shrug and break out a very good Barolo. Or they should, at least.