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5 Things That Are HOT on Pinterest This Week

Fear #4: By being too specific, I will drive myself into a high-cost situation.

Details can easily be associated with cost. If I add lots of extra toppings to a hamburger, it will increase its cost, but let’s not confuse “extras” with “specifics.” For instance, I can specify how I’d like my burger cooked, what type of bun I’d like, which standard toppings and sides I prefer without adding cost. It is then easy for the server to make me a happy customer!

In reality, we have found that the fewerspecifications we provide, the higher the cost. Why? If we don’t make decisions and give specific direction upfront, teams get trapped in those frustrating communication loops in attempts to clarify the target, with these attempts actually wasting money and precious time to market.

Sixty-five percent of designers go through two to three rounds with their supplier on color alone (and 18% said even four to five rounds). This back and forth is costly, increasing the cost of the project by up to 10%.

Specificity, on the other hand, leads to confidence, which then leads to speed. By telling our teams and our partners outright what we want, they can give it to us faster, saving everyone time and money.